Trust exercises for couples

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June 19, 2015
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June 22, 2015

Trust exercises for couples



Why is trust important in a relationship?

Trust should be the foundation of any relationship. Without it, it is almost impossible to work together and face life difficulties together. When trust is present everything else becomes easier and starts to make more sense.

Exercises to build trust

There are numerous exercises that couples can do in order to build up trust between them. Below is a list of some of these exercises, each of which has been proven to foster trust between couples, both in and out of the bedroom.

  • Trust falls are a really great way to build up faith and confidence in each other. Building your intuition up and allowing it to govern your body’s actions will strengthen the bond you have with your partner.
  • As a couple, sit and go through questions you have always wanted to know the answers to. Each of you should write your answers down as honestly and as thoroughly as possible before giving them to the other person to read. Sharing such intimate, private thoughts with your significant other can do wonderful things for your relationship.
  • Every now and then, do a blindfolded walk around the house with one of you leading the blinded one. This encourages the blindfolded person to put their full faith into their partner, something which is daunting but at the same time, remarkably rewarding.
  • Sharing secrets is always a great way to gain and to build trust. Once a week, tell each other a secret that no one else knows. Even if it’s something silly, like the fact that you once wore the same pair of socks for two days in a row, the act of sharing these things with each other will benefit both of you.
  • Holding eye contact is a sign of trusting between two people. Whenever you speak to your partner, be sure to look him or her straight in the eyes. It’s an excellent way to foster an intimate bond between the two of you.

Making sure that trust is strong between your partner and yourself is an excellent way of guaranteeing that communication is always open and honest between the two of you. It can often be difficult to maintain, but these exercises should help build and foster the special bond that you share with your significant other.

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