Virekta products are formulated by sexual health scientists and are a 100% natural blend of herbs which have been used for centuries to enhance sexual desire & performance in men and women. These are the tesitimonials of real men and women who have tried Virekta.

Jannie Lichtenburg

I suffered with erectile dysfunction for many years and it nearly cost me my marriage until I discovered Virekta Plus. I have now been using Virekta for over a year and I no longer have erectile dysfunction and my marriage is as sound as can be. There are no side effects with Virekta and it is also much cheaper than other ED pills.



Thank you for your wonderful product, Virekta Plus. I have been taking it now for three months and I must tell you that my love life has improved dramatically. My wife now is also taking Virekta(F) and together we have never enjoyed our love making as much as we do now. Thank you!


Harare, Zimbabwe

I suffered from both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation when I was able to get a semblance of an erection. Needless to say this made me feel less than a man. My wife was most unhappy that I was not able to give her an orgasm. Then this all changed when I started taking Virekta Plus. The very first time I took it I could notice a change. Now that I have been taking Virekta Plus for the past six weeks, my erections are hard and I no longer ejaculate prematurely. My wife is a very happy woman and now experiences multiple orgasms. You haved saved my marriage!

L. S. M.

Soweto, South Africa

Wonderful sex - My wife and I have been taking Virekta Plus and VIREKTA(F) for the past month and I am writing to you to thank you and to tell you how wonderful our sex is since using your products. Neither of us ever thought that sex could be anything like it is now.We have sex every night and some nights we even do it two or three times. It really is so good.



As a man of 68 I was having problems getting and maintaining an erection. This was having a very detrimental effect on my love life. I searched on the internet and ordered a product called Virekta Plus. The first time I used it I took two capsules and noticed an immediate improvement in my erection. It was bigger and harder. It is now more than a month since I first used Virekta Plus and now I only need to take one capsule to get a big hard erection. My love life is flourishing and I’m not short of willing partners.



For years I faked orgasms as I didn’t want my husband to know that when we had sex I never experienced an orgasm. I got very good at faking them and he never discovered my secret. But I often wondered what it would be like to have a proper orgasm. A girlfriend told me about VIREKTA(F), a natural libido enhancer. The first few times I used it, nothing happened and I still had to fake my orgasms. Then one night, when I had nearly given up all hope of knowing what a real orgasm felt like, it happened. I came four times! I just kept “exploding” and my husband thought it was because of his love making. I didn’t tell him that it was not him, but VIREKTA(F) as he did not know that I was taking it. After that night, whenever we had sex I had multiple orgasms. I am still taking VIREKTA(F)

Charles M

Accra, Ghana

Over the years, as I got older so my sex drive diminished until at the age of 52 I did not have a sex drive at all. I just had no interest in sex and my wife thought that I was having an affair. Then I discovered Virekta Plus and suddenly my sex drive returned. Now we have sex at least four times a week and some nights I can give my wife multiple orgasms, something I was never able to do before I started using Virekta Plus. This product has transformed my life and saved my marriage. Thank you!

Jan vd J.


I’d tried so many different libido boosters that I lost count. Most of them didn’t help at all. I was desperate! And then a friend told me about Virekta Plus. I also bought VIREKTA(F) for my girlfriend. Now I’m living in paradise. We have sex virtually every night and some times we even have it two or three times in the same night. It is unbelievable! If you want the real thing, then do yourself a favour and get Virekta Plus and VIREKTA(F) for your partner.

Mr K.

Kampala, Uganda

I liked to have sex every night, either with my wife or my girlfriend. But then I noticed that some times my erections were not as hard as they used to be and that worried me. It spoilt my pleasure.One day at work, I went online and read about Virekta Plus. I ordered it and started using it every time I had sex. After about a week, I noticed that my erection was big, very strong, long and as hard as a rock. Now I use Virekta Plus every time I have sex and I have still got these amazing erections.

Aaron M.


Sex life testimonial - My sex life was non existent because of erectile dysfunction. My sex life changed the day I started taking Virekta Plus! My wife was a very happy person as I was able to give her multiple orgasms, something I had not previously been able to do. She is now taking VIREKTA(F) and our sex is unbelievably good!



We improved our sex life dramatically and quickly. I take Virekta Plus and my wife takes VIREKTA(F) and I think we must have the best sex life of any married couple. We have been married for over 30 years and we have three grown up children. Our sex life now is better than it has ever been in all our married life.


Northcliff, Johannesburg

My problem was that I never got a proper erection and as a result I never had sex with my wife. That was until I started taking Virekta Plus capsules. Now life is wonderful! My wife for the first time in many years has a permanent smile on her face and I feel like a real man again. We now have sex about three times a week and sometimes my wife has more than one orgasm! Incidentally, I am 74 years old!!


Lagos, Nigeria

My erections were so weak that I was not able to penetrate my girlfriend’s vagina and could not have sex like a man. Let me tell you that now that I am taking those Virekta Plus capsules, I have the biggest, strongest erections, like a horse. Now when I have sex with my girlfriend I roar like a lion and she sings like a bird.


Nairobi, Kenya

I take Virekta Plus and my girlfriend takes VIREKTA(F) and we have the perfect sex life. I get fantastic erections and we both have the most amazing orgasms. I never believed that sex could be this good. Thank you!

Roger P.

Cape Town

Virekta Plus is the best sex booster there is and I have tried many of them. These others are a waste of money! I have erections that are hard, very strong, very big and I can go for more than half an hour each time and give my wife many, many orgasms. Thanks Virekta Plus.



My problem was impotence, I think it is also called erectile dysfunction. For years I could not get a proper erection and at the age of 56 I found the solution to my problem, Virekta Plus which my doctor recommended to me. The first time I used it I could already notice and feel the difference. But better still, my wife felt the difference and for the first time in years I gave her a whopping big orgasm. She ejoyed sex so much that night, that she asked for more the next night and that time she had two enormous orgasms that seemed to last forever.



Feeling younger - As I got older, I found myself missing out on all the activities that I most enjoyed when I was younger. I became incredibly frustrated because my body just didn’t function the way it used to. I tried multiple products, claiming to turn back time, but none of them seemed to help, until I found Virekta Plus. Not only do I feel younger but I have the energy to do everything I was missing and for so much longer than I could before. Thanks for creating this great product!


I was concerned about the side effects of certain medicines and my doctor suggested natural medication. Getting a natural libido enhancer comprising ginseng, ginkgo, magnolia and other ingredients was much of a challenge until I came to your site and found VIREKTA(F). I cannot thank you enough

Virekta Testimonials.

Virekta testimonials – read what our customers have to say about our libido enhancing products.  Virekta libido enhancing products for men and women are natural, herbal products which do not require a doctor’s prescription. These products are manufactured in a GMP licensed facility to the highest international pharmaceutical standards using the most modern and up to date manufacturing technologies.

Herbal Remedies International manufacture and distribute all Virekta products.
Your sex life will improve by leaps and bounds with our products. Increased sex drives, harder, longer-lasting erections and noticeably more stimulation and arousal will take your intimate moments to a much higher level. Put an end to embarrassing trips to the doctor, scary thoughts of surgery or chemical intervention, and try one of our 100% safe herbal products.

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Virekta Testimonials

Virekta Testimonials